And like that its live. With a new campaign launch for AirBnb we head on a journey, a story. The goal to have as much fun as possible, exploring together with partner my love, my light, my rock and I take a journey into the hills of upstate, road trip, discover, explore and stay up in one of my favorite regions upstate, Andes NY. Yes, upstate where yes I finally found my next investment, yes….!!!  Lets just say I should of bought the one in Callicoon, noted life.  Take the journey with us literally, basically in the back seat on a very personal adventure as we embrace all that is of a stay in an AirBnb. Seeing the differences of what it is to explore now during a time of Covid along the way and all things local in between.  And then join in as we share the flip-side of the same experience from the hosts point of view. Stay tuned for this amazing full story to follow. #airbnb #journeys #campaign