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[ 2022 ]




A Portrait Of … featuring subset stories of connection. The connection to the subject also lies in connection as well with them being connected to the project by a point of connection. Looking at how we are all intertwined and how our unique micro stories as very similar, yet also connect us all in some same yet some unique ways. See these interesting talented individuals through the lens of something that is closely tied in connection to them on a personal level that forward ties them in connection to their art, their notoriety, their fame, their love of what they do – their craft. Read in their own words and hear in their voice a story that is unique to their experience, their connection to their bigger picture story visually told in story.


By Christina Holmes. 

Project. A Portrait Of.



Nelson T Sanders Jr.

67' Deuce and a Quarter


Photography by Christina Holmes

Writing by Nelson T Sanders Jr.

Copy Editing by Jared Evans



67' Deuce and a Quarter


The inspiration for me getting this specific car stems from my dad. Before I was born, he had an Electra, also known on the street as a “deuce and a quarter.” He always talked about that car and how much he loved it. If memory serves, he had the 2-door limited edition, which came with all the luxury bells and whistles, and it was a cream color of sorts—at least according to some of my older cousins. He told me he paid around $7,000 for it and drove it right off the showroom floor. 


Once I became an adult and developed a liking for old cars, I naturally gravitated toward the late ’60s and early ’70s GM cars. The lines, shapes, and attention to detail were insane to me. Being in the tailored clothing industry, I’m naturally attracted to thoughtful, well-made things. Clothing, cars, accessories, food and beverage, and home decor are all things I love, and they naturally coincide. 


Aside from being the direct inspiration for the car, my dad also played a role in me getting into the suiting game. When I was a kid, he’d always give me advice on how to take care of the things I had, and to always buy quality if I could. He taught me how to tie a tie, shine my shoes, and where to buy a hat or a watch. As I began to come into my own, I remembered the things he taught me when I was a kid and put my own twist on it. 


He’d show me photos of Detroit from when he was in his 20s and younger. Back then, people seemed to care a lot more about how they dressed. Wearing a suit was not just for a specific occasion—it could have just been a Tuesday. Suiting has seemingly gotten lost. With Dandy, I want to be a part of bringing that mindset back to the city.  


Detroit has, and will always have, a fashion identity. I want to think about the things and people I was inspired by and refine them. In a sense, Detroit is pretty country—bold, vibrant, and sometimes in your face. I dig that and respect it, but I think it’s time to take things to the next level. I’m continuing to learn as much as I can so I can properly educate my clients and people I come across on a daily basis. 


My Buick represents me, my brand, and my city.


– Nelson T Sanders Jr.







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