Life Line – Volume 01

In interviews of story, of portrait. To see what nature has in it’s natural bounty in relationship to our very own wellbeing. As my own wellbeing was being challenged with health diagnosis, I was given no other option in last resort other than to heal my body naturally. I wanted to know. What is the connection? Who is the connection? How can I connect with it. And if it can heal me. Is being in tune with these elements of nature a real fix, with this thing that surrounds you, letting it touch you nurture you and heal you? Is that it? Is it possible to truly feed your body as a form of a cure, relying simply on nature.  My own journey inspired this series, now ongoing. I head to the roots, to the origins of these powerful masters – experts who are in touch with the land. Who use this land in a process of healing. To some of the most futile abundance of untouched nature that still exists starting in Brazil. I needed a lifeline. This journey to heal soon became a learning experience of something much bigger than just getting better and much bigger than just myself.  – Christina Holmes 


Special thank you to Emmanuel Renegade, Bianca , Pousada Piçinguaba, Fazenda Catuçaba, and the teams of We Are Nature.



By Christina Holmes


Piçinguaba, Brazil