Back on the road in what seems like a dream some days, I feel like the ever evolving world of shoots and production is still constantly shifting as we all find our new footing. With that as my assistants make fun, yes the new thermometer in the camera kit, takes up way to much space! Agree! As I head back to Detroit this time for an editorial I’m beyond excited about, masked up, hand sanitizer in tow up and away. Detroit always amazes me with the heart, the passion that everyone who is creating there has. How incredible the work is that’s being done there. How there is a movement there literally happening that no one is paying attention to that’s going to be amazing and change the landscape of fashion. I feel humbled always with the relationships created, the amazing people I get to collaborate with and meet, those amazing that are really truly making change for good not their pocketbooks. This last trip was no different, even in the midst of a pandemic. Get ready for it, headed out in print for 2021.