Love-ego=Lov is an artist-conceived linguistic and visual expression that defines the notion of egoless Lov. Employing an equation as its method, the phrase creates a neologism – a new word with its specific meaning and pronunciation – Lov /lɔv/. The idea of unconditional love comes down to us through millennia. Love-ego=Lov was conceived as an ‘ethical formula’ to interpret such integrative qualities of love eloquently and to serve as the foundation for a diverse socially engaged group of works. The pregnancy of a friend brought into the focus the idea of undivided, egoless Lov. As the child was growing inside the mother in total unity, the questions arose: ‘How to describe such a reciprocal relationship with the mother at this stage of life? How do we articulate the ethical quality of that vitally important and unbroken link that ultimately unites all of us?’ Love-Ego=Lov without the ego is the equation that emerged to express such primal human interrelations. In our world of overly complex everything, the elemental, playful, and down-to-earth ‘Lov formula’ strikes a unity chord.


Conceived specifically for an intergenerational audience, it connects and brings people together as it captures the attention of the young and the elderly. It is well intended that such reading of Lov is imbibed with educational connotation. As an ethical statement, it acts simultaneously as a learning and teaching experience conveyed in simple, accessible terms.


Sharing and discussing the expression of altruistic Lov with colleagues and friends opened up the possibility for a broader social engagement. As an independent knowledge production initiative, the Love-ego=Lov concept evolved to become a seed idea for a participatory discourse and a group of works which focus on cultivating the holistic and egoless way of thinking, living, working and relating to each other. Over the years, a series of artworks, performances, workshops, films and interviews were produced inspired by its subject matter by a number of artists and creatives. These projects organically grew to represent the creative core of a social art initiative focused on a common Lov-narrative and open for all to participate in. 


It wouldn’t be an exaggeration to say that the works addressing the essence of altruistic Lov have an aspiration to bring forward the sense of unity among people and all living. They emphasize the mutual social engagement and reciprocal interrelations which can help us to build an ethical foundation for a peaceful restructuring of our communities. Directly or indirectly, these projects contribute to a broader collective narrative that creatively speaks to the principles of human cooperation by employing a single phrase – Love-ego=Lov.


– Pasha Radetzki, Artist


By Christina Holmes. A Photo Essay. Featuring Visual Artist Pasha Radetzki. 2021-2024. Catuçaba, São Paulo. Brazil. Union Square, New York City, NY.