It’s been a bit. Nearly two years! What, yes! Coming back to you with a clean new site, full of new work. With travels of recent to the Catskills, Vermont, and Lake Michigan camera in hand for incredible clients. Sometimes I feel like I travel more in one month that some people get to travel their entire lifetime. The stories I get to tell visually are always awe inspiring. Taking things to new levels this year. In the past two years since I last posted life has been a whirlwind to say the least. And everyone who has been part of that wind thank you for making it amazing.  A wind that has flew high and ran low on days of high pressure and heavy tides. Back in full breeze after much needed calm, the creativity I’m feeling currently is flying with the wind flying high.

Good news if you were wondering after nearly eight years of trying to figure out how to finish my first film I started the solution has finally manifested.  It’s funny how life dose that, it knows when you are ready for something bigger than you always. Heres too letting the creativity find you and letting it in. #thisamazinglife