South America is one of my favorite places to be in the world and the journey for our new catalog collaboration takes you to Pincinguaba on the beautiful coast of Brazil. Join us on the adventure and meet the locals of this amazing fishing village as we share the story of the region.

PRESS | 2016 PDN Photo Annual Winner

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Excited to share the freshly announced news that just landed! My images have been selected as a winner for the PDN Photo Annual 2016 for the Advertising/Commercial category. Featuring work shot for Best Made Company, Catalog 06 showcasing the epic adventure as we journeyed in Patagonia alongside the ever talented chef Francis Mallmann and company.

I’m beyond excited to share this news, and hope that you have had a chance to see the story in print, if not make sure to swing by 36 White St here in NYC to grab a copy of the printed catalog. And or head over to BMCO to see the slideshow adventure come to life online. Special thank you to the incredible team at BMCO that I get to collaborate with continually in telling these amazing stories.



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Incase you missed this last summer, well, I wanted to make sure you got a glimps into my world of everyday. As I explore Sicily with Nikons newest coolpix in search of creativity, beauty and amazing moments. Thank you Nikon Asia for the amazing collaboration.


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New Year, New Site and More. 

A long over due site for your vying eyes is finally here. After a whirlwind year in 2015 filled with amazing travels, adventures and creative campaigns for many clients near and afar. I’m not sure where to begin to share with you how incredible the adventure has been and continues to be. Now landing in the midsts of my favorite month April, seeing as yet more amazing work is about to drop and most importantly “Birthday Week” being upon us. After all my amazing moments over this past year, my heart still lies in NYC but also leans to South America, Central America, Mexico, and Europe after many photo shoots there with wonderfully talented crews and interesting individuals. New incredible stories have begun to launch this year all starting to hit the news stands even more and more! A handful kicked off the new year in case you missed from beautiful still lives in magazines like Luxe. To incredible campaigns on location for clients like Best Made and Toms Shoes. To beautiful editorial travel spreads out in Saveur, and more on their way out shortly.

In all honesty I couldn’t and still can’t do what I do with out my ever growing incredible teams all around the world now at this point. Thank you all for your amazing hard work, tireless hours on location, listing to me be overly precise and laughing the entire time while doing it all most importantly. To my incredible roster of talented creative directors, art directors, design directors, photo directors, photo editors, associate photo editors, publishers, producers I feel incredibly humbled to have worked with so many of you and look forward to what we create next! And miss all of you whom I feel I haven’t seen in so long, you know who you are!! How time flies when your on the road. And to those whom I haven’t worked with yet I look forward to our potential collaborations! To a continued amazing 2016!

Enjoy the new beta site as we continue to get all the kinks worked out in the next week!

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