Humbled and so enthusiastic if you will to be included in the latest issue of the stellar Japanese magazine &Premium . Included in the feature about me is my take on a New York moment, my New York moment. Make sure to grab the latest issue, No. 38. Head over to page 118 , & New York,  佐久間裕美子のウォーキンNY 「カナル・ストリート」ほか


FEBRUARY-MARCH 2017 ISSUE | And it’s live. Another story I’m proud to present. This one takes you to the notable crew behind the stellar Joe Beef in the heart of Montreal. Amazing to spend a few days living it full and real outside with constant food and drink . Taking a few q’s from authenticity and real heart these guys might inspire you to think a little outside the box when your cooking with fire next! For the full story head over to


JANUARY-FEBRUARY 2017 EXPLORE ISSUE . This story brought me to Asia a few months ago, October to be exact. Which was a long awaited destination of mine to photograph, as exploring the depths of nearly anywhere in the awe grandiose continent of Asia has been a desire. This shoot we made our way to grandiose, China. After being pummeled to say the least twice with Typhoons on the trip, you start to wonder if the weather always challenges your endurance as this did. This once small fishing village now turned mega city sitting just on the border within a twenty minute drive across to HongKong to get your fix of food and culture. We set upon the city for the shoot meeting incredible locals whom have made China their home wether temporary or potentially a lifetime. Grab your copy of the issue out now on the news stands to read the full story, writings by (my fellow traveler and newbie Editor N’ Chief) , Joe Brown. Enjoy. PopSci.Com


JANUARY-FEBRUARY 2017 ISSUE . Has launched! I’m beyond excited to share with you the incredible crew of winners from the Martha Stewart American Made 2016. I had the pleasure to travel across the states east to west on a journey across our amazing country to meet and photograph a portrait of a story for each of the winners this year, well almost all of them! From a typhoon to waves of incredible cold and more, the elements yet again were part of most of the journey for yet another shoot.  But this one was so incredible and humbling it makes all the hurricanes and such that we faced seem as though they never happened. I promise you they did though! Each and everyone has such an incredible story, awe inspiring vision for their small growing companies, stellar products or services that are changing their industries and more so. I give you American Made 2016. And most of all congratulate each and everyone of you again for the exciting work you are doing. Thank you for taking the time out of your busy schedules to let us by for the day to capture and share your wonderful stories to the world. MarthaStewart.Com 




DECEMBER-JANUARY 2017 FAMILY GATHERINGS ISSUE . This shoot actually happened last NYE, in the heart of Paris, the 6th, one of the most beautiful arrondissments in my opinion.Although they each boast their own character. I’m an Paris regular, well traveler of France in general as I frequent there often for shoots and relaxing moments amoungst the country side and sea.  The fabulous Dori Greenspan, family and friends welcomed me in to their ever amazing private dinner and NYE party to capture that moment of French holiday perfection. The food was awe inspirirng. Crowd forever interesting. And views to make you dream onward. Grab the new issue to get the full read from writer Dori Greenspan, and recipes for some cookies and other bits that will change your world. Saveur.Com


CATALOG NO.13 & NO.14 – WINTER 2016 – THE GREAT BEAR RAINFOREST.  And its dropped. Proud as always to share this work! On the cusp of an un ease in the United States post this outlandish election cycle our environment is suddenly at major continued risk. So I feel even more fortunate to have explored these regions and gives me that much more reason to fight for the voiceless lands that we all call home. This catalog takes you on another amazing adventure and two books per usual to show for it of this long standing collaboration that continues to produce for you hopefully a collectable book for your shelves. Post a stint in the Yukon, the team heads west where I team up with BMCO to tell the stories of the beautiful British Columbia and the glory that this beautiful land holds. With two stellar catalogs dropping this winter November & December there is much inside to inspire. Click into the New Work tab for an extra exclusive edit. And head over to the site for the trip in full and of course many new incredible and well designed products that your dollars will be worth well to be spent on. BestMade.Com


I must admit to you all that when in traveling NesCafé Gold is my secret weapon on the road. Love that instant coffee and thats not a plug I promise. Gracing the latest ad in The Guardian, here is a little hit of my work for you. “If only you knew… everyday moments with the ones we love. ” Taking time out of your busy day with the rich taste and aroma of NESCAFÉ Gold Blend Barista Style can help you appreciate the richer moments in daily life. In this series, top photographers describe how their pictures capture their own richer moments.



New site for new personal work is LIVE. If your looking at this work you may be saying, is this ChristinaHolmes, I wanted to just confirm upfront, yes, its me! A new site is finally live and ready to go taking you to all things that I do that land in the world of conceptual works. Doing personal work is always part of my everyday. But as my love lifestyle work of food culture, adventure and menswear continues to evolve on a professional level my personal work is turning back to the world of minimalistic, muted, and simple. Using many artistic influences that inspire me while traveling abroad as the base for this inspiration. Along with love for design, art, culture and so forth.

This new series, which is the second installment of works with Hawkins is an ever growing relationship and collaboration between Hawkins New York x CHWHAT , now may I say x TUCKERROUDES. The ever talented duo of Nicholas Blaine & Paul Denoly are masters of design, conceptual thinking, and collaboration of creative talents in their own right. Im beyond excited to share this new personal work, and hope that you enjoy and get inspired along the way. Welcome to TuckerRòudes.



This ones coming out a bit late guys. So for all of you staring at those beautiful fruit and vegetables while shopping at 365, that was me! Popping back into the world of food quickly which as you know is the base and foundation of my ever evolving work these days as the new considered lifestyle and menswear campaigns continue to roll out this fall.  Collaborating with the stellar creative team over at Whole Foods 365, Partners & Spade and a team of my own on board for food, the ever talented Chris Lanier. We bring this produce to life and well to you. Enjoy the rollout of the images via in store, and online via social media.



So I’m not sure how many of you actually tune into the blog for things. But we are looking for a part time office assistant to join the #chwhat team on all things file related items including archiving, delivery and syndication. All in the cushy comforts of the office down on Howard Street working with the other crew. Please send your resumes to and we will be in touch! Thanks much . Ch #chwhatforever