JANUARY-FEBRUARY 2017 EXPLORE ISSUE . This story brought me to Asia a few months ago, October to be exact. Which was a long awaited destination of mine to photograph, as exploring the depths of nearly anywhere in the awe grandiose continent of Asia has been a desire. This shoot we made our way to grandiose, China. After being pummeled to say the least twice with Typhoons on the trip, you start to wonder if the weather always challenges your endurance as this did. This once small fishing village now turned mega city sitting just on the border within a twenty minute drive across to HongKong to get your fix of food and culture. We set upon the city for the shoot meeting incredible locals whom have made China their home wether temporary or potentially a lifetime. Grab your copy of the issue out now on the news stands to read the full story, writings by (my fellow traveler and newbie Editor N’ Chief) , Joe Brown. Enjoy. PopSci.Com

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