CATALOG NO.13 & NO.14 – WINTER 2016 – THE GREAT BEAR RAINFOREST.  And its dropped. Proud as always to share this work! On the cusp of an un ease in the United States post this outlandish election cycle our environment is suddenly at major continued risk. So I feel even more fortunate to have explored these regions and gives me that much more reason to fight for the voiceless lands that we all call home. This catalog takes you on another amazing adventure and two books per usual to show for it of this long standing collaboration that continues to produce for you hopefully a collectable book for your shelves. Post a stint in the Yukon, the team heads west where I team up with BMCO to tell the stories of the beautiful British Columbia and the glory that this beautiful land holds. With two stellar catalogs dropping this winter November & December there is much inside to inspire. Click into the New Work tab for an extra exclusive edit. And head over to the site for the trip in full and of course many new incredible and well designed products that your dollars will be worth well to be spent on. BestMade.Com

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