So incredibly exited to share it with the readers of Saveur Magazine. This story has been over a few years in the making grown off of my personal obsession with vanilla. Following the growth and process of the new wave of vanilla farmers in Costa Rica, the crew over at Cinco Ramas is redefining how to grow vanilla in our now very challenging and ever shifting environment. Join in the journey and the story of Robert & Geri Brown as they grow a side project into a sustainable future for them and fellow vanilla growers in Costa Rica.

Saveur Magazine, September 2016. Photography/PhotoEssay. Christina Holmes. Real Vanilla Excerpt by Lior Lev Servarz. Special thank you to Cinco Ramas, Robert Brown, Geri Brown, Saveur Magazine/Bonnier Publications, Adam Sachs, Michelle Heimerman, Allie Wist & Lesie Pariseau.



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